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Terms and Conditions


Offers herein made are for the wholesale trade only: NO EXCEPTIONS.


Regular terms are cash or certified check, unless credit arrangements are made in advance. Please do not expect credit to be given on 24 hour notice and allow 2-3 weeks processing time for approval. Terms to those with established credit are net 30 days from date of invoice. Overdue accounts shall be charged 1.5% per month or portion (18% per year) plus costs of collection, if any. All credit account applications must be signed with both business and personal guarantee or no credit will be considered.


All prices are FOB our nursery or mountain tree farm and based on a 6 or more order.


We will gladly make arrangements for delivery following your instructions. All material travels at the risk of the purchaser. All freight charges are due when material is delivered. Please have equipment and personnel to unload the truck. Drivers are not required to unload material. We allow 3 hours for unloading. There will be a $50 per hour charge for every hour exceeding that time.


Customers may pick up their own material and are asked to supply a suitable covering to protect their plants. No claims will be considered on uncovered material. There is no charge for labor to load trucks. Tarp material is available for sale.


We warrant to the extent of the purchase price that the plants sold are true to name and as described with recognized tolerances: no other warranty is given, expressed or implied. We will under no circumstance, be liable for more than the sum paid for the stock. When plants leave our possession we have no way of knowing whether they receive proper care, therefore we do not guarantee they will pass inspection or be saleable. All claims must be made in writing within 7 days from delivery date. Any claims thereafter will not be acknowledged.


To ALL landscapers and contractors – Please do not send your customer to the tree farm to pick up plants without you accompanying them.
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